Specialising in Bi/Tri Colours in Tabby & Self
and also Blue, Odd & Orange Eyed Whites



Hello, and a warm welcome to my website!
I hope you will enjoy looking at my cats and kittens.

I regularly update my news and pictures,
so please check back from time to time.

Persians and Exotics are a Breed I have always admired and "wanted"!

After becoming "hooked" on showing, I decided to become a GCCF Steward.
It was during this time, that I actually became "hands on" with the Breed,
began to learn about what the Judges were looking for,
and started to "develop my eye".
This gave me a lot of confidence, and in 2010 my dream became reality.
I was lucky to purchase my first Exotic Cats from my friend Vickie,
at ExotiquesAmour, to whom I am very grateful.
I have been very fortunate, working with excellent bloodlines and top Pedigrees,
which allowed me to already achieve a lot of success on the Show bench
with these wonderful cats.
I am striving to maintain the "sweet" Persian look,
together with the beautiful plush coats
and the delightful temperament of the Breed,
which (in my opinion) is second to none if you want a real "lap cat!"

It goes without saying that health is paramount,
and my cats and kittens have the very best of food,
love and no expense spared in their general well being.



My cats are pets first and foremost,
but I hope that some of them go on to do well on the show bench too!

My Persian and Exotic cats generally live in the house with us
because we like them to! Also if they are being show campaigned
it makes keeping them in top condition much easier.

All kittens are born and raised in the house. They are VERY well socialised,
and probably come as close to "bombproof" as you are going to get!

My four children love the babies, and together with various family and friends
they are handled on a daily basis.
When they are ready to leave me, they come with:

4 Generation Pedigree
Fully Vaccinated
Vet Checked on two occasions
Wormed and Frontlined
G.C.C.F. Registration
4 weeks free Petplan
Free Royal Canin Kitten Booklet & Voucher's
13 weeks of undivided love and attention

If you would like any information on any of my babies that are available,
or to go on my waiting list, please contact me on (01905) 456526
or e-mail me at windymeadowcats@gmail.com

I would appreciate phone calls anytime after 9am and no later than 9pm
Many thanks!

We take great pleasure in 'showing off' our cats and kittens,
and we're always delighted to meet prospective new owners,
and welcome them into our home.
Please remember though, we don't run a business and, as with most breeders,
cat breeding is our hobby, so we do not have 'opening hours'.
However, we try to make ourselves available on days/times
that suit prospective new owners when it comes to you visiting to see kittens.
Please let us know beforehand if you can't make it on the arranged day -
we have loads of other, far more boring things to do, that we generally try to avoid
but a quick call please, if you can't make it, would be greatly appreciated..
Kittens are not available year round,
though we occasionally have available for adoption kittens
which aren't being retained by us for future show/breeding.
We do not therefore have kittens available 'to order',
and if you are hoping for a kitten of a specific colour/sex
then you may have to wait a while.
Otherwise, we can always point you in the direction of friends
who may have some lovely kittens available.

We are very easy to find - just 5 minutes from junction 6 of the M5