Karen Holloway


Phone: 01905 456526
(PLEASE call only between 9AM and 9PM)

Email: windymeadowcats@gmail.com

You may also use the Contact Form below
to enquire about our available kittens/cats,
be placed on our waiting list, or to send us a message.

A short note if you are interested in a kitten from us:

Very often we receive inquiries like these:
"I am interested in a kitten from you.
How much do you ask for them?"

No name, no address, no information at all.
Sometimes not even a simple "Hi" or "Hello",
and much less a "Thank you",
if we answered one of these emails.
That's the reason why we have decided
not to
answer these type of emails anymore.
So if you are seriously interested in one of
our kittens, please understand that we
would appreciate it if you tell us a bit
about you and your cattery in your inquiry email.

We do not ask for any references like show-
or breeding results. We just want a simple, short
introduction of yourself, how many cats live with
you, and how do your cats live.
Of course we would also be interested to hear
about your breeding plans, which bloodlines you prefer,
and what exactly you are searching for.
We would really appreciate if you do this, and therefore we
promise to answer your email as soon as possible!
Thank you!

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